Pizza, a brief history ...

history of pizza Pizza - one of the most popular foods on Earth! Five billion pizzas are sold every year in the world. There is an ancient history to this incredibly fast and healthy dish we now call "pizza".
Archaeological findings date back to 3000 years ago to the ancient Greek, Persian and Roman times. One of THE first recordings of pizza can be found in the historical writings of Darius the Great in the 1st century B.C., where we are told of his soldiers baking flattened bread on their shields, then covering them with cheese and dates.
Pizza as we know it, has its roots in 19th century Italy. Naples is the original home of this incredible dish in its modern splendour. The first contemporary pizza was made of only dough and tomatoes, no cheese. It was not until 1889 that cheese was first added to pizza in Italy when the famous pizza chef Raffaele Esposito made a pizza for Umberto I, King of Italy, and his wife Queen Margherita di Savoia using tomato, basil and cheese to represent the colours of the Italian flag.
The Margherita, named in honour of the Queen, still remains one of the most popular pizzas in the world. Even the ingredients of this simple, yet most scrumptious dish, have a story: the tomato is the most important ingredient and it was introduced in the 16th century when the tomato was brought to Europe from the New World.
Although Italian nobility first regarded tomato as a poor man's food, it soon gained respect through the creativity of the Neapolitan pizza cooks.
In the 20th century, pizza was introduced to the civilian world when hungry soldiers from the European fronts after World War II brought their appetite FOR PIZZA to the United States.
It took little time before the taste and desire for pizza grew and spread around the world.
The pizza industry shifted swiftly from serving pizzas in restaurants to delivering them directly to the pizza aficionados' homes. It has risen to its most deserved position as THE "fast" and "healthy" food option in our lives across the globe!

Tops Pizza, once upon a time ...


Remember Darius the Great? Now, fast forward to 1988 when a young man sharing his roots with the ancient King, opened his first pizza shop at the fresh age of 29 in Fulham, London. A civil engineering student, Ali Yazdi worked as a kitchen porter at a London pizza franchise to fund his studies, diligently slicing ham and cutting vegetables. He quickly rose to managing four branches around town and soon realised that there was something missing in this big city of youthful energy and dynamism: fresh pizza for his fellow students and all other pizza lovers, delivered at home! This was the beginning of the life of Tops Pizza, now in 32 locations in and around London.

pizza is here

Made with love in our kitchens, delivered to your home ...

At Tops Pizza we have a very simple motto: "taste and speed". We constantly strive to maintain and perfect a menu that is prepared with only the freshest and finest ingredients, all made in the kitchens of each and every one of our shops. Then comes the quick delivery to your doorstep.

Dough, a pizza, a drop of golden crust

Let us start from the basics: the dough for each of our pizza bases is prepared with the finest ingredients daily. Deep pan or thin crust, the base of your pizza is made of freshly prepared dough with Tops Pizza's own recipe. The dough is made in the kitchen of each shop and kept fresh until it is baked for you. The ingredients and flavour of the dough is unique to Tops Pizza, and you can taste it with every delicious bite.

Keep it real, keep it green

To keep in-line with the original motivation of our founder - to make only the finest and healthiest of all pizzas - we slice only the freshest, ripest and most flavoursome vegetables for you in every one of our kitchens. We purchase all our vegetables in local markets and CONSISTENTLY work on affiliating ourselves directly with local farmers to provide you with our very own hand-picked colourful ingredients. Look out for the green light ...

tomato meets the old world

We have strived to continue the original legacy of using only the freshest tomatoes to provide the most scrumptious taste of richness in our finest quality sauce, blended with our own mixture of herbs and spices. It is a tomato sauce made with nobility for everyone.

Everybody say "cheese"!

If you like cheese, you will love our special cheese, enhancing the taste of all our other ingredients. It does make all the difference, Raffaele ESPOSITO was right!

Let us meat you

For those of you who enjoy the extra protein intake, we are committed to providing you with only the highest quality meats. Tender and juicy, leaving you wanting more and more ...

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If you would like to talk to us, please feel free to contact us by phone or by email. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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